All of our dishes are prepared currently, right after your order was taken. Therefore we ask of you patience and indulgency. We will do everything to make the waiting time no longer than 20 minutes, at best 30 minutes, because the dish requires many operations, so that our cook can present his art to you.

To soothe the waiting time, we suggest to you to appease first hunger and as well to sharpen your appetite one of our delicious snacks. For an experienced palate we offer shrimps in different forms or maybe you may be interested in our speciality - love dishes?

To make your supper or occasional party more delight we advise you to choose a whole roasted pig, which you can order at least four days earlier. There is also an editor’s chop and chop a la Pompadour and emperor’s goulash as suggestions out of our wonderful dishes.

We offer finest cooking, perfect drinks and great fun in fashionable rhythms. An atmosphere one of a kind, charming décor, where from everybody will come back satisfied and pleased.


Their wonderful advantages and magical peculiarities are source of inspiration fro lovers under every geographical latitude.

There are six sources of a delight:

Fire and plentifulness of passionate love,closeness of a loved person, beauty of a face, exciting food and unity.

Human being ever since the beginning of the time was interested in matters of love and aphrodisiacs. Under every geographical latitude people were preparing love potions to settle and charm the chosen person or to improve ones potency.

There are many dishes and drinks of love. In our menu there are those aphrodisiacs, which are the best.


Drinks offered by us can keep lovers in state of the highest ecstasy, if they are in good shape. Recipes and propositions gathered here was taken from texts of Hindu, Arabian and from ancient manuscripts. Many of the drinks, which are in our love drinks menu, can be used as accessories to other dishes.
1. Apricot gold 200 ml 25,00
This potion is well known in China from thousand of years. There are many ways of preparing it. Legendary Chinese philosopher Lao-Tsze believed in it. Today diabetics consider that it contains a lot of vitamins and have great nutricous values. It is also a wonderful and exciting love potion. Perfect dish for breakfast or dessert after a meal.
2. Benedictian chocolate 200 ml 25,00
This potion is an incredible source of energy.
3. Cream of nuts 200 ml 30,00
Italian nuts were symbol of fertility. Very often groom was throwing them on children, when he considered that those kinds of symbols will not be necessary for him. Cream of nuts fits well delicate snacks for example smoked ham.
4. Nectar of Italian pea or beans 200 ml 25,00
According to that, what was written in Ananga Ranga, hindu art of love, this specific love potion can give not expected effects: “If you drink it every morning, you will satisfy hundred of women”
5. Nectar of eggs 200 ml 25,00
Raw yolks are rich in proteins, minerals and fats, which get directly into the blood circulation system and improve male libido instantly. Eggs play important part in love meals and drinks of Arabian, French and polish kitchen. Nectar of eggs is one of the tastiest love potions and a strong aphrodisiac. It is a great morning drink.
6. Zabaglione 200 ml 25,00
Since the time of renaissance Italians were improving their will by drinking this potion. It is nutricous, energizing and it gives a lot of good energy and brings instant results.




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